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5 Cheap Places to Eat in Schenectady
Could I give you the top ten best restaurants in Schenectady? Sure, but that doesn't necessarily mean they're places you can afford. Instead, being that it is my hometown, let me give you a list that's not only delicious but also cost effective!
The Capital Region Places Guy Fieri Needs to See [LIST]
Right around this time last year, Vinnie asked about which shows you thought should be on "Triple D." Well, it's a year later, Food Network still hasn't been here so maybe they need a little push. Here are some of my ideas, what do you think?
Jumpin' Jacks
Many Scotia residents and people from all over the Capital Region were disappointed when Jumpin' Jacks had to cancel their fireworks on June 30th because of impending storms. They did give a reschedule date of July 22nd, but that has just been cancelled too.
Ice Cream Favorite Opens
Snow is coming to the Capital Region tomorrow so though it may not feel like Spring, it is, which means Summer is right there behind it. You know what gives me hope for warmer weather? Ice cream and one of my favorites opens today.
Jumpin’ Jack’s Opens TODAY – Who Is Going?
This is it, this is everything for a whole lot of people in the Capital Region, Jumpin' Jack's in Scotia opens today. The best part is it is supposed to be a beautiful warm spring day. I have to think if I wasn't working on the air this morning I would be getting in the car right now …
First Sign of Spring
The great American Drive In hamburg and hot dog stand is a dying breed in America, just like the Drive In theater. Luckily, we are bucking that trend locally and still have a legendary Drive In to get some fast and good food at.
July 4th Fireworks Displays in the Albany Area for 2012
The Albany area has a lot of places to watch fireworks for the 4th of July. If you’re wondering where you can go watch, look no more - we’ve complied a list for you. Nothing matches the enormous fireworks display at the Empire State Plaza but that doesn&CloseCurlyQuot…