Even though WGNA has been the number one radio station in the Capital Region for most of the last two decades that I have been here, and the morning show has been at the top of the ratings for a majority of that time, I don't think we have ever won the Times Union Reader Poll. Let's change that this year so that the poll more accurately reflects the ratings.

So it is really easy to do , you just put in your name , address and e mail and it takes you right to the poll you will have your chance to vote for your favorites in all sorts of categories but you don't have to answer them all, I think you do need to do at least 20 though. If you wanted to you could just go right to the fourth page and give your favorite radio peeps a boost.

Personally, I would love it if you voted for "WGNA" for favorite radio station, "Sean and Bethany" for your favorite radio personalities, Countryfest for the best concert and here is one maybe you wouldn't think about with a radio guy like myself but you can also give me some love and vote "Sean McMaster" in the best blogger category.

I thank you in advance and let's see if we can pull out a victory in one of these categories this year. If we do , maybe we should all go out and celebrate with a cold one!

Don't forget our categories are on the fourth page. Vote here:

Times Union Reader's Poll
Times Union Reader's Poll


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