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Sean and Bethany Chat with ALL of WGNA’s Secret Stars [Watch]
As I was watching the performances during Wednesday night's Secret Star Acoustic Jam, it occurred to me, Sean and I have had the incredible opportunity to talk to all of the stars at one point or another!  We do get to talk to some pretty cool people doing this thing we call a "jo…
Now You Can Text Sean and Bethany Anytime! Here’s How…
Have you ever thought to yourself, "Gosh, I want to get in touch with Sean and Bethany..."
But, maybe you don't know our studio phone number? (518-476-1077)
Or you don't have the link to our Facebook pages?  (Sean McMaster, Bethany Linderman)
Or maybe you don't kno…
Nick Attacks Bethany in Latest GNA After Hours [Watch]
Well, he got Sean last week, and I should have known I was next.  But, I had no idea he would blast me so hard.
Nick Kessler, our Promotion Director and Sunday afternoon host here on 'GNA made a video mocking the crap out of me, and it sort of hurts my feelings, but at the same time, I laug…
Do You Want Your Morning Show to Take a Side in the Election?
We would really like to get your opinion on this!
It's a political year, Albany is a political town, and frankly, Sean and I are political minded people!  But, do you want to hear our opinions on the matter?
That's the question.
You can't get on the internet, turn on the TV, or open…

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