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Win A Date With Nick to the SOLD OUT Brantley Gilbert Show
Attention single ladies! If you listen to The Sean and Bethany Show you've surely noticed that we've been hanging out with our favorite single 20-something for a couple of weeks, a one Nick Kessler.
Well, Sean and I are super married, so we love to live vicariously through Nick and his insa…
Topic Roulette: The True Key to Happiness
This morning you voted during topic roulette and you picked my topic! Thanks guys! The topic was.... the true key to happiness in your life!
A new study found that when people participated in nudist activities it made them more satisfied with their bodies and that led to them being more satisfied and…
The 10 Most Attractive Hobbies You Can Have on a Dating Site
Not having any luck with your dating profile? Maybe it's not your ugly mug, maybe it's your hobbies... or lack thereof?
This morning, we talked about how eHarmony recently analyzed people's profiles to find out which hobbies and interests we're attracted to the most...
Win Countryfest 2017 Tickets All This Week, Here’s How…
Every morning this week Sean and Bethany will be giving away tickets to Countryfest 2017!
You can tune in to win "Countryfest Card Karaoke" at -
7:40 on Monday
6:40 on Tuesday
8:40 on Wednesday
6:20 on Thursday
7:20 on Friday
The headliners for Countryfest 2017 are Randy Houser and Justin…

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