Disclaimer:  You will probably not make that much at the local YMCA, or up in Lake George, or on the beautiful Sacandaga.  In fact, you'd have to move to Newport Beach, California.  But lifeguards there makes obnoxious salaries, and residents are now up in arms about it! (Took 'em this long to get angry?)

According to this video clip from AFP California, this is true. Check this out!

I guess we should also make this disclaimer.  According to the Associated Press:

Unfortunately, there's a lot of disinformation out there. People get this idea that we're talking about 17-year-old kids in lifeguard towers making $200,000 and that's not correct," said the president of a lifeguards’ union. "We're professional level. Lifeguarding here is different than any other place in the entire world."

Maybe so, but I can imagine beginning schoolteachers hearing about these salaries.  Or nurses, or ...you name it!   Pension?  What's a pension?  Suntan oil allowance?  I know teachers that buy their own file cabinets and paper due to budget cuts!

We do have a very warped view in this country of who is valuable and who isn't, don't we?  Lifeguards making $200,000, and meanwhile many state workers are labeled "non-essential employees".  I better get off this soapbox.  It's bothering my flat feet

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