Don't ask ME how it works!  I'm clueless.  But I know who does, and I owe it to the power of our website, Google, and a blogger from the UK!

I did a post awhile ago about how to tell if a credit card is fake.  I actually wrote it in 2012!  Well I'm sure that this gentleman from England must have been messin' with Google and stumbled upon it.  Shaun Wheatcroft wrote to me and told me that he had an update for me that explains the gobblygook of numbers that are on each and every piece of "plastic"

Fistful Of Credit
Fox Photos/Hulton Archive/Getty Images


It's a great article over at   I'm not going into the details about the intricacies of credit cards.  He's the expert here.  I'm just the messenger.

Screen Shot Shawn Wheatcroft

More importantly , I'm just so amazed at how powerful the internet is and how you can make connections with people all over the world..  To know that Shawn read my article was a big thrill.  Wow - what a partnership.     SHAWN and RICHIE.  Has a ring to it!  (Our show is the Sean and Richie Show, Shawn.   I guess it's no good if you have to explain it!)




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