Rodney Atkins may be a little old school when it comes to his country music and his values, but we wanted to know if his emoji game was on point.  We put him to the test with a series of emoji's that translated into popular Christmas songs to see just how well the country star would do on the emoji hot seat.


Rodney Atkins has been a country music mainstay for the better part of almost two full decades, and has experienced the highs, lows and everything in between that happens in the very difficult and high demand world of the music industry.  One thing that Atkins has always maintained is a level of honesty with his fans and an authenticity to his craft.

Rodney Atkins new song 'Caught Up In The Country' is currently making it's way up the chart and can be heard on GNA now!  He's also in the process of working on a bunch of new material to be released as he says, 'When it's ready!'

We can't wait!


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