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Country Star Admits Love For English Soccer Over NFL
We caught up with GNA Jingle Jam headliner Chase Rice fresh off a trip to the UK where he wasn't there to perform, but rather watch his favorite 'football' team play. Rice told GNA that he flew out there to watch some English Premiere League soccer as he's become a rabid fan of Manchester United or …
GNA Puts Country Star On Emoji Hot Seat
Rodney Atkins may be a little old school when it comes to his country music and his values, but we wanted to know if his emoji game was on point.  We put him to the test with a series of emoji's that translated into popular Christmas songs to see just how well the country star would do on …
Josh Turner’s Painful Childhood X-Mas Memory
Keeping in the spirit of holiday, we took a little walk with Josh Turner down memory lane and asked him about some of his childhood Christmas toy memories.  Turns out, one was quite painful; but he was comfortable enough to share it with us.

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