Chic-Fil-A, Popeye's, Hattie's Chicken Shack...these days everyone has an opinion about who has the best chicken sandwich.  We thought we could have some fun doing a prank phone asking a local 'foodie' to help us determine who has the best one of them all.  We called Alexa in Latham and asked her to take a quick survey over the phone and then, as they usually do, things got really weird.  Posing as a food survey analyst, Brian's character in this prank phone call went from inquisitive, to odd, to downright creepy in a matter of moments. Alexa was actually a pretty good sport but admitted that she almost hung up when Brian's character awkwardly coerced her into using the word 'moist' to describe the chicken as he euphorically cheered her on.  Here's the GNA Chicken Sandwich Prank Phone Call and it will make you laugh. But don't get too giddy over it, you could be next!

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