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She’s Worried About Life as Military Wife
Sarah in Jonesville writes:
Hey guys , love the show.  I'm 23 and have been dating a guy a few years older than me for about 4 months.  He's a great guy and treats me amazing.  My main dilemma is that he is a captain in the Air Force. I currently a...
Daughter Selfishly Tells Dad ‘Please Don’t Remarry’
Jennifer in Gloversville writes:
I'm 17 years old only child and I was 11 when my mom and dad split up.  I don't have much of a relationship with my mom but I'm very close to my father who I've lived with ever since the divorce. We are really really close and he always says t…
He Regrets Living with His Clean Freak Girlfriend
Reggie in Westerlo writes:
I couldn't wait for my girlfriend to move in with me, and she finally did 3 months ago.  Knowing what I know now, I wish I could go back in time and at the very least, lay down a few ground rules.  While she means well, she's constantly nagging me about …
BF Blows Me Off To Go Drinking w/ The Boys
Jane in Canajoharie writes:
My boyfriend and I are both in our mid-twenties and have been dating for about a year.  I'm catching him in little lies and here and there and I think he's got a problem, and now it's becoming our problem.  La...
Please Help, My Wife Wants More Little Humans
Liam in Rotterdam writes:
My wife and I have been married for 13 years and have a wonderful family filled with love and laughter, two kids and a dog but as you can imagine, it's a handful.  Our kids,  ages 9 and 12, are at the age where we're constantly running around and mo…
Family Can’t Relax Till Hubby Gets the Vax
Ashley in Clifton Park writes:
My husband refuses to get the vaccine and while it never presented itself as a problem before it's becoming one now.  We want to travel and do things as a family, and I really want him to get up to speed with the rest of us. 
I'm fully vaccinated as are our two daughters…
She Rejected His Proposal, Now What?
Darryl in West Sand Lake
Hey guys looking for a little advice here.  Quick back story:  My girlfriend and I had been dating for 3 years when back in February I asked her to marry me.
Luckily for me- and thanks to the pandemic - I proposed to her inside my apartment and not out in public.  Because she …
Sharing Netflix with Your Ex
Jason in Perth writes:
My girlfriend and I broke up last months ago after 2 1/2 years of dating.   Luckily for both of us, it hasn't gotten petty or nasty.  She makes a lot less than I do and so she moved in with 3 other girls in an apartment.  All of our streaming services like Netflix and Hulu and …
Lady-Killer Says He’s a Changed Man
Vanessa in Latham writes:
I've been dating a guy for a few months and we're the talk of the town. He's 25, pretty successful, no kids, and very handsome.  But something in the back of my mind is telling me to be careful because his reputation is that he's a bit of a "player."
Almost every gi…
Shave Your Hair or She’s Outta Here
Rebecca in Wynanstkill writes:
I love my boyfriend, but I have one complaint.  It might not seem like that big of a deal, but he's so hairy.  Like all over his body...his whole family is.  I love the hair on his head, but the rest of his body is like a gorilla, and I just want him to trim it a little…
Will ‘NY TOUGH’ Become ‘NY TOKES’ on 420?
In case you missed it on Tuesday morning, Love Cowboy wanted to talk about "420."
Here's what went down in the studio with Brian and Chrissy in the morning, on GNA.
Love Cowboy: Guys, I don't know if you all do anything on 420 but now that Cuomo's making weed legal, he wants people to start …
She Found Mr. Right When She Lowered Her Standards
Reilley in Clifton Park  writes:
This might come off as a big egotistical, but I'm just being truthful.  Something happened during this pandemic where I realized that at age 36, I really want to settle down.  I always had the hardest time in relationships because I found I was simply choosing the wro…

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