Have you seen those sneakers on television or in an advertisement that claim to help tone your legs and glutes?  Supposedly, they have some special design in the sole/heel so when you walk in them, they make you use certain muscles without making you feel like it's a workout. All the more, they supposedly promote toning in your legs and rear that much, you possibly don't need to go to the gym.


Can we say gimmick?  I'm sorry -- I hate going to the gym just as much as most people.  It is time out of my day I'd rather be vegging on the couch eating bon-bons.  However, while these sneakers may work a little because of their special design, they aren't going to help you if you're wearing them, say for example, at a buffet.  Yes, you might tone your legs as you walk back and forth multiple times to get more food, but they certainly aren't going to burn enough calories from all that buffet food to rationalize not going to the gym.

Without trying these sneakers, I can't fully say they probably don't work.  However, in another claim of these sneakers, they say they don't look any different from regular sneakers.  Are ya kidding me?  Of course they look different -- they look like they were stolen off Frankenstein's feet.  Granted I have not seen all the different versions and brands walking on the street, but the ones I have seen, it's very obvious.  They have so much of a wedge sole on them, not only does the person wearing them look four inches taller, they also have a hard time walking because your balance is thrown off from so much sole.  You might as well hold your arms out in front, also like Frankenstein, and achieve a full body workout, now incorporating your lats and traps.

Richie recently bought a pair of these "shape-up" sneakers and fortunately for him (and me), when he initiated the conversation with, "have you seen those sneakers that claim to help you tone-up?"  Luckily, I wasn't able to respond with a wise crack or laughter fast enough, before he also said, "I bought a pair yesterday.  What do you think?"  This was one of "those times" I bit my tongue.  This should red flag you off the bat they aren't a fashion statement.  If Richie bought them, then you know they aren't the trendiest article of clothing on the market.

Furthermore (I'm almost done ranting -- I promise), instead of wasting your money on these lazy version of a sneaker, invest in some workout videos you could do right at home or a personal trainer that could design a workout program for you.  I have tried the personal trainer route, and THAT really works!  You'll be much happier in the end with the real results and it will be money well spent.

Okay, I'm done, but if you have these sneakers, prove me wrong and tell me how they have helped you and just how comfortable they are.


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