MA Murder Suspect Found in Albany

A man wanted for murder who allegedly was trying to evade Massachusetts State Police, was found early Tuesday morning at Albany International Airport according to reports.

According to sources, 42-year-old Taaniel L. Herberger-Brown from Greenfield, MA (located about two hours west of Albany) was wanted in connection to a suspicious death in the City of Greenfield on Monday.

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Taaniel Herberger-Brown, from Massachusetts, was wanted in connection to a murder. He was found at Albany Intl. Airport early on Tuesday morning. Photo: Greenfield Mass Police

Herberger-Brown, apparently trying to flee the area, was found by Albany County Sheriff's in the early hours of Tuesday morning after being alerted by the Massachusetts State Police and the Greenfield, MA Police Department that he was a wanted man.

According to WWLP News, the Albany County Sheriff's Office was contacted at 12:22 am Tuesday about the alleged murderer, and Deputies were able to locate him in his vehicle in connection to Monday's suspicious death in MA.

Deputies Found Him Inside the Airport

There are conflicting reports about where Herberger-Brown was found.

A Massachusetts news outlet reported that the suspect was located in his car.  But, News 10 ABC is reporting that Deputies spotted his vehicle in a parking garage, and "after reviewing surveillance camera footage, officers located Herberger-Brown inside the airport on the non-secure side and took him into custody."

What is the Non-Secure Side of an Airport?

The "non-secure" part of the airport is where most people can wander freely such as the area just before the SRA where you may send someone off, the check-in desks where you drop off your bag, or the arrivals hall back to the curbside where you were dropped off.

"Secured" areas of the airport only allow departing passengers, staff and crew, and other certified persons to gain access.

Herberger-Brown was arraigned in New York on Tuesday at the Albany County Correctional Facility and will be returned to Massachusetts pending extradition proceedings.

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