It's this type of kindness the world could use a little more of these days.  A Gloversville High School student wasn't going for Youtube views or social media clicks, he was just being a good human when he gave away the sneakers he was wearing to a homeless man walking down the street.

Gloversville native and high school junior, Jordan Laverdure, was playing some pickup basketball with friends after school last week when he noticed the man walking down the street with a shopping cart.

“I saw that his shoes were torn up and ripped and I had shoes on my feet and he could use them more than me,” Laverdure said on Friday. “It’s just one of those things, I had to give them to him” he told the Leader Herald newspaper.

According to the article, Laverdure went on to say, “They were my previous basketball shoes, they were just Stephen Curry’s. Nothing fancy, just something to help him out. I’ve seen him before and I thought about what I’ve been through in my life and it made me reflect to him. I haven’t always had a lot, so I know how it feels.”

Laverdure believes that everyone has a back story and told the newspaper, 'A little act of kindness could possibly change how the person’s day is going or maybe even their life.'

Jordan has been recognized by his hometown newspaper as well as his school where Gloversville principal Richard DeMallie tweeted out this photo:

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