It is ironic -- I could have told you those toning sneakers were a gimmick, but apparently it takes a lawsuit and the Federal Trade Commission for people to believe that simply wearing sneakers will tone you legs and gluteals without having to workout necessarily.  Hello!? Did you really believe it was going to be that easy.

Reebok International Ltd. now has to pay $25 million to customers to settle claims over their ads that their toning shoes would measurably strenghten your legs and butt if you wear them.  The Federal Trade Commission looked into the claim in Reebok's advertisements and found them to be deceptive.


If you don't know much about these shoes, they are rounded with a slightly unstable sole forcing you to make a conscious effort to stay balanced.  This encourages strength by making you use muscles you normally wouldn't engage.

Customers who have bought these toning sneakers and want a refund can go through the FTC or a court approved lawsuit.  If you think you might be considered to get your money back,  go online to apply for your refund.

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