This is literally despicable.  I have no other word for it than that!

According to The and, a group of Ohio teenagers pulled a prank on an autistic child by pouring urine and feces on his head and then posting the video online!!

Quoting the article:

Police Chief Mark Spaetzel says he and his department are outraged by a report that some Bay High students allegedly dumped urine and feces on a special-needs student, telling him it was part of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Comedian and gameshow host Drew Carey has offered a $10,000 reward to find these perpetrators.

How disgusting is this?  Sorry, but I am becoming a firm believer in Hammurabi's Code.  In case you aren't familiar, it dates  back as far as Mesopotamian culture.

"Eye for and eye and tooth for a tooth".

Let's see what THAT video would look like, and then we can question the kids as to how embarrassed they would feel if someone did this to them!

Wow- this is so upsetting.  I don't even know why I posted it.  Would animals do this to other animals?  I don't think so!!   Your thoughts?   What punishment would YOU give these hooligans?