Someone get ya this morning? Well, now you can get them back!

April fools! You'll hear it a bunch today and while some may have checked the calendar already and know what's up, there are plenty who will forget and will fall for whatever you pull. Check out some of these easy ideas:

*Replace the filling of Oreos with toothpaste

*Tape an air horn under a coworkers chair - when they sit, "BAAAAAAHHHHHH!"

*Mix skittles and M&M's in a bowl

*Cover the sensor of a remote or mouse

*Grab some googley eyes from a craft store and throw 'em on everything in the refrigerator

*Have leftover Easter candy? Fill that hollowed bunny with one of the condiments from the fridge

*Paint clear nail polish on a bar of soap. It won't lather and it'll leave anyone confused!

*Flip someones computer screen. Ctl+Alt+down arrow - it'll flip everything and the mouse will even go the opposite ways (the fix is the same but with the up arrow.)

*Put potato chips or something that makes a crunch under the toilet seat. When someone sits to do their business it'll sound like they broke the seat!

*Draw a spider on the toilet paper roll. Okay, this takes a little art skill, but might be the easiest to pull off!


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