I know - It's an innocent enough prank, but it's still annoying to receive something like this in the mail.  Apparently, I'm in the minority in my feeling.  This website has been jammed with requests.  

It's called ShipYourEnemieGlitter.com and it's taking the nation by storm.  For only $8, you can send an envelope full of glitter and an anonymous note with it.  Check this out

I hate the idea, and I'm not even lyin'. For one thing….gee, let's spread a little more hate in this world.  Plus, the stuff gets all over the place.  Could you imagine vacuuming this stuff out of your computer keyboard, your hair--your rugs, your car?   OMG.   I guess I'm losing my sense of humor.  I know noone will get hurt doing this, but….

Note to self -Richie -why did you even bring it up? Here you are promoting it in an off handed way.