One of the most recognizable games on television is Price is Right and whenever you think Price is Right, I'd be surprised if the first game that came to mind wasn't Plinko.

I'm sure everyone has the dream of going on Price is Right and winning the free car or all of the money possible on Plinko. This guy did! The contestant, Ryan, won his chance on the show by betting a $1 and having the lowest bid against the other contestants. 

After that, he won all of the possible chips for Plinko. On his first chip alone, he won $10,000 and it only got better from there. His second chip won him $1000, his third miraculously won him another $10,000, his fourth $500, and he finished off his turn with another $10,000! Ryan ended up walking away with $31,500 total breaking the previous $23,000 record! 

There was a previous record of $40,000 but that was on an enhanced, specialized board and therefore doesn't count. The audience was behind him the whole time, it was incredible, take a look! Bet he didn't imagine waking up that morning before the Price is Right and going home $31,500 richer! 

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