We've done April Fools Day pranks on the air before and most of the time people figure it out and play along. Those are always fun, but there are some pranks that just get under my skin.

I've never been one to prank people for April Fools Day. I like messing around with my friends but to just leave it all to one day is kind of obnoxious. I saw a study through Business Wire that said that 69% of people participate in April Fools Day and 25% of people fool people at work.

Jana Guothova

One year, I had a co-worker that put a piece of tape at the bottom of every mouse in the office. Another year, someone took a picture of our co-worker's iPhone screen and edited it so it looked like their screen was broken when someone called. They're innocent, yes, but sometimes people go too far. I always hate when people pretend they're pregnant for April Fools Day. What is the benefit of that? Everyone you know gets excited, probably cries, only to find out that you lied to them. Of course, you have to think of people who aren't fortunate to get pregnant and their response to it but that's a different post for a different time.

Any life-changing situations shouldn't be joked about for April Fools Day. You want to hide a toy spider in my car for me to have a quick yell, fine, but you want to call to tell me you and your long-term boyfriend broke up for me to comfort you only to say "April Fools!" I'm probably not talking to you again. Do you take part in April Fools Day? Ever have a prank go wrong?

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