I've been lucky enough to have been at WGNA for--can it really be?- 23 years now.  And I can remember distinctly being told not to talk too much about technology on our show because "country people don't have computers".  Holy Crapola, Batman!

According to Askville.com (I can't believe I look this stuff up!), 76% in the US have a computer (and this study was done in 2005!!)   So I'm SURE that some of these people are your stereotypical cowboys roaming the range-but now with their tablet computers, or standing with their laptops propped up on a fence post looking at a database of how many cattle they have, and googling the right type of fertilizers to use etc.

We all use them.  Even hot country stars use them.  Like George Strait, for example.  Now he's my age, in his late 50's.  But he is the essence of cool (unlike me).   You tell me that King George isn't connected?  Come on!!

(Well, I don't know if he really is or not, but I imagined it for this parody--what if George Strait wanted an Ipad 2).

As you know, the Ipad 2 is being released on 3/11, so here's to all you technogeeks, from whatever walk of life you descend from.  I dedicated this bit to you!