After the horrific quadruple murder that happened in Troy, the entire community was hoping for swift action from authorities. Police were able to make two arrests in connection with the murders thanks to crime-fighting technology. Troy Police Chief Tedesco said that modern technology directly led them to the main suspects in these murders that claimed the lives of two children, their mother, and her partner.

Surveillance cameras, both residential and street cameras, played a role in piecing together who may have been seen in the area of or near the crime. Also, social media played a part in locating the suspects. They were able to monitor and figure out who may have been involved. Lastly, cell phones. Cell phone usage near the crime scene and also those cell phones of the suspects were useful in the location of the suspects at the time of the murders.

Regardless of how the authorities caught these animals, I hope justice is served quickly. It is still so disturbing that a person or persons can take the lives of children. May they rot in hell.

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