It's getting harder to get away with a fake ID with new technology.

Times have definitely changed since I was under 21.  According to a post on, about a twitter post by the New York State DMV, Governor Cuomo has approved police using new technology to catch fake ID's.  That new technology would be a smartphone app.  Yes, apparently they can scan an ID with a smartphone now to determine if it's real of fake. The way the app works according to the article is that it scans the ID and does a quick search to match it to the actual registry of IDs in all 50 states.  No match, not a real ID.  It reportedly only takes seconds to get busted from a scan.  This makes me think back to my college days, and all the bars we used to get in without legitimate IDs.  No serious trouble was ever had at the time, but life would've definitely been a lot less climactic if security had an app to scan our IDs! Then again, we are in New York.  Teenagers don't need a bar to go and have fun, we're all always one short trip away from a field and a field party.

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