The Blu-Bell Motel on Central Avenue in Colonie was the scene of police activity Thursday, as they raided the motel.

Blu-Bell Motel
Lou Roberts

Colonie Police and Colonie Town Attorney Michael Maggiulli were all part of the raid. It was an inspection for code violations. This is similar to what happened last week at the Skylane Motel, just down the road on Central Avenue.

From the story that I saw on CBS 6 Albany, the Blu-Bell is allegedly owned by the same person.

In the story from the Times Union, it was noted that there were workers attempting to make repairs to the Blu-Bell, but the owner, Alex Patel doesn’t have a building permit to make the repairs, legally. It’s also been noted that 12 of the rooms had people occupying them, and almost all of the rooms were considered uninhabitable. It’s not known, yet, how many code violations there are for the Blu-Bell.

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