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Colonie Police: This Man is Wanted and Dangerous
The Colonie Police Department issued a press release on Wednesday afternoon asking for the public's help locating a man who assaulted a police officer on a CDTA bus near Colonie Center back in February.  Colonie police are currently on the hunt for 43-year-old Jerson Vargas after they were…
Colonie Police Warn of 'Distraction Burglaries'
Be on the lookout for a new kind of scam that has been happening in the Colonie area. They are called distraction burglaries and police want you to be on high alert to help catch these criminals. Here's what to look for.
Colonie Police Investigate Stolen Firetruck
It's 2020 so nothing could possibly shock us, right?  Well then you shouldn't be too surprised to learn that police are on the hunt to find out who stole...wait for it... a firetruck.
Town of Colonie Police are looking for information that can lead them to the person or persons responsible for the he…
Colonie Police Do Perk-Up Patrol w/ Parade of Positivity
Kudos to the these Colonie cops who always put care for the community first.  I can only imagine the looks on everyone's faces as a "parade of positivity" featuring squad cars from the Colonie Police Department made their way through the Shaker Elementary neighborhoods Thursday afternoon w…
My “Ride Along” With Colonie PD (VIDEO)
Officer's Javy Martinez and Joseph Fitzsimmons from the Colonie PD were gracious enough to allow me to ride along with them in a patrol car on Wednesday afternoon. We went after some bad guys, bonded with the community, gave away some Countryfest tickets, and even managed to have a few laughs. I hop…
Preparing For My Colonie PD “Ride Along”
The work that police officers do truly fascinates me.  So when the Colonie Police Department agreed to allow me to go on a "ride along" with them tomorrow, I was totally stoked!  Is this something you've ever wanted to do? What advice would you give me?
Starbucks Hidden Camera Suspect Arrested
Yesterday we learned that Colonie Police were looking for a person that was caught on surveillance at a Starbucks on Wolf Road in connection to a hidden camera found in the bathroom. That person has been arrested but this story is far from over.

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