I wouldn't say that I'm a yoga aficionado but when there's weird yoga experiences (especially with animals) I want to try it out. A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to try cat yoga and even though I'm more of a "dog person," I almost took one home.

The Mohawk Humane Society was advertising that they were going to be hosting yoga with cats and it took all of 2 seconds for me to decide that I needed to try that. As you've probably seen from other things I've written, I love yoga + animals. I especially love when the animals are from shelters and there's a potential (though small) that I would be able to take one of them home with me.

The cat yoga I did was with three different adorable felines that would soon be up for adoption and were from the bunch that were saved from Hurricane Dorian. Now, I've tried goat yoga in the past and recently, puppy yoga. Something about being surrounded by furry animals just makes the experience even better.

Though I would probably consider myself more of a "dog person," I feel in love with these cats. Their mild manners (unlike the high-energy puppies) and attraction the the simplest moving feather was just so great to be surrounded by. If you want to try yoga and goats and puppies seem like too much, Mohawk Humane said that they'd look into doing this again soon so keep an eye out!

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Yoga...but with cats 🐱 @mohawkhumane #meownaste

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