Photographs of an Albany Police Officer posing with some recently rescued - and super cute kittens -  has gone viral. The photographs, seen throughout day on the Albany Police Department facebook, has generated hundred of shares. Many people commented on how appreciative they were of the work by the local fire department in rescuing the kitties and turning them over to the Albany PD, while others commented on the officer himself.

APD John Polec 1

In the Facebook post by the Albany Police Department we learned that five kittens were rescued by the Albany Fire Department while responding to a fire call overnight Sunday in Albany.  While investigating the smoke condition, they heard the kittens meowing inside the basement and that's when Albany's bravest placed them in bins and brought them  to the Albany South End station where they were safe and sound with APD officer John Polec.

The kittens were brought to an animal shelter and are awaiting adoption.                                                                

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Check out the comments for the 'cute' police officer - oh and the kittens too!

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