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Albany Cops Respond to Burglary; Arrest Homeowner for Pot Instead
Albany police responded to a call on Tuesday night after learning that a man's home was allegedly being robbed.  When police got there and were inside the man's home, they found a boatload of pot in the guys house.  According to the police report, it was no less than 51 pounds of marijuana.
Area Police Wiping Out ATV’s and Dirt Bikes
Now that the warmer weather has ramped up in the Capital Region, it's more common to see illegal and unsafe ATV and dirt bike use all over the streets, especially in Albany.  Reckless riders zip through parks, many times they're going the wrong way on one-way streets and I've even seen them on sidewalks weaving around pedestrians.  Kudos to the Albany Police department. After many complaints from
Albany Man Arrested for Allegedly Appalling Act Near Adolescents
You're looking at the creepy mugshot of 44-year-old Ram Forster who was arrested by Albany Police on Sunday afternoon after it was alleged that he exposed himself to a woman and her two young children. Albany Police swiftly responded to the complaint and apprehended the man shortly after the call came into the station. The incident was reported to have happened during broad daylight and in a highl
Cat Badge Fever: Cute Photo Of Albany Cop w Kittens Goes Viral
Photographs of an Albany Police Officer posing with some recently rescued - and super cute kittens -  has gone viral. The photographs, seen throughout day on the Albany Police Department facebook, has generated hundred of shares. Many people commented on how appreciative they were of the work by the local fire department in rescuing the kitties and turning them over to the Albany PD, while others
Help Fight Crime, Get Cash Reward
Police are getting more creative to let the community know that they can remain anonymous to help catch the bad guys. In return, those tipsters can get a cash reward.
Beware Of This Phone Scam
There is another phone scam that is hitting the Capital Region. This time it's targeting the Albany area. The scammers are impersonating the police.

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