Enter Your Pet To Star In Cadbury Easter Bunny Commercial
When it comes to eating the Cadbury Cream Egg some love em, others don't.  But one thing we all pretty much agree on:  Cadbury's Easter commercial - featuring the bunny - is pretty darn cute.  This year though, the bunny was told to take a hop and Cadbury is looking for it's newest tv star.  If you …
Watch Adorable Baby Turn Super Cranky Without His GNA
Leah from Green Island sent us a video featuring her adorable 8 month old, Noah jamming out to some WGNA music.  She told us that her little 'Noah Bear' starts to growl when playfully, she turns off his favorite song.  She wasn't kidding. Watch the video for yourself and see…
Ichabod Crane School Gets an Adorable Therapy Dog
You've heard all about how having a pet around can benefit people of all ages!  Reducing stress, calming anxiety, improving morale... so, why not pop one or two into elementary schools?
I think it's a great idea!  And officials at Ichabod Crane Primary School do to...
When Good Pets Do Bad Things
Pets are little pieces of our families. My dog specifically, is like a toddler who never gets older and she's always very aware when she's done something wrong.
Meet Stephen
I do love a creative ad campaign!  Blake Shelton is a spokesperson for Pizza Hut and in a new brilliant viral series, he dresses undercover as a Pizza Hut employee and fakes out, and freaks out several customers!
Can you imagine?!  That's my kind of pizza...
Auntie Fee on Jimmy Kimmel – I Love Her, and You Will Too!
This is my new favorite "celebrity chef"! Auntie Fee is an adorable woman from Los Angeles who makes cooking videos in her kitchen with her son Tavis.
He shoots her making tasty dishes like strawberry shortcake and baked chicken.  They're informational, and educational...

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