20/20 To Air Special Report On Thailand Cave Rescue
It's the incrediblly gripping story of the Thailand cave rescue that has many of us on the edge of seats as details unfolded about the dangerous and heroic recue of the Thai youth soccer team and it's coach.  One by one as the players were rescued,  euphoria set it.  However, many questions arose ab…
Wait This Isn't Already A Law For Animals?
There is a new law that will require animal shelters to do something that I thought they already did. The main reason I got this done to my dog was because I thought it was already a requirement in case he winds up at a shelter.
Pamper Your Pooch With Miranda's Line Of Products
I love that country music artists bring their dogs on tour with them, treat them like children on the road and care for them so well. No other country artist does more for rescue animals than Miranda Lambert and now you can buy cool stuff for your animals.
Firefighters Do It All
It always amazes me that first responders throw caution to the wind and go into a situation sometimes blind. Firefighters, EMTs and even police officers never know what kind of emergency they will be called upon to help.
Watch This Family Jump Out of a Window to Escape Fire [Video]
Yesterday my husband sent me this crazy video of a family in Russia who had to jump out a window of their fifth floor apartment in order to escape a fire!  It happened earlier this month.
First the dad threw a throw rug out of the window so that the neighbors could use the carpet to sa…
Ex-Con Saves Baby Before She Crawls Onto Highway
Bryant Collins, who spent 10 years in jail for drugs, saved a baby on the side of a highway, and is now a hero!
He got out five years ago, and has since turned his life around.  Bryant now works as a mechanic.
On Friday morning, Bryant was driving down a highway near Athens, Georgia when he spott…

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