What a class!  What a teacher! What a school!  (Sorry folks, but I just couldn't get over this class of 4th graders from Cambridge Elementary.  These are some hard working kids!)
E.L.A. (English Language Arts).   Wow - that's a mouthful.  We used to call it "English" in my day.  Of course, in my day we were writing essays on stone tablets, but I digress.

Mrs. Smith's 4th graders showed not only how intelligent they were, but how psyched they were about studying for these stringent tests that they are being asked to take.  (Not to worry -we won't get into the pros and cons of the Common Core here)

We had a blast putting this together.  It's an original song as a matter of fact.   They actually did a video for it!

Just the audio..


   The Cambridge Indians prepare for the ELA,

   We work very hard, we study every day

   Spelling, reading, check your work,

   Take a hint -keep your eyes on the print,

    Get the gist of what you read,

    Get it in your head before you go to bed

    Restate and punctuate, before it is too late

    When we take the test - we will do our best

    We're in Mrs. Smith's class, Room 52

   We try our best - we hope you will  too!!

Special thanks to Mrs. Smith and the kids.  Good luck on the tests, guys! Thanks for showing us all that hard work pays off in the end!   Note to adults:  please spread this around- put it on your Facebook pages and let's make these kids STARS!

There are TONS of other songs on our website if you would like to hear them.

cambridge ela 1
photo by Richie Phillips



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