We have all kinds of special things planned on the Sean, Richie and Bethany Show, including a replay of some special kids throwing their support for the cause (musically)  on Bullying Awareness Week.

Ok, kids.  Here's the rundown.  Now as you know, your songs have already played on our station this past week,  but we're going to air them again.  Why? They were fantastic, that's why!

So here's the batting order, the way I see it.

Monday - "Don't Be A Bully" - Yates Elementary School

Tuesday- "House Party With No Bullies" - Schoharie Elementary School

Wednesday- "Bullying Is Wrong Song" Taconic Elementary School

Thursday - RCS Elementary School (haven't done it yet!!)

Friday - 5 County Anti Bullying Song from 2014 - a joint project with different portions of a song created by 5 Capital Region elementary school classes.

We also will feature Albany District Attorney David Soares and Dr. Phil Fusco from the Academy of Character Education at Sage Colleges with their proposals for dealing with this growing problem.

Please join us and join in on the conversation! Let's stop BULLYING!

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