Kelly Osbourne is no stranger to bullying and admits that she has spent most of her life dealing with bullies harassing her about anything to her weight, her fame, even the color of her hair.  So when officer Darren Derby from the Pittsfield, MA Police Department reached out to her to help a local boy bullied for his hair color, she stepped up in a big way.  Watch her awesome and inspiring Instagram post here!

8 year old Jacob from Pittsfield dyed his hair pink in support of Breast Cancer Awareness and cut his hair into a "mohawk" and while many people praised him for his bravery, some local residents began bullying him including an adult male who shouted "Mary" at him as well as asking him "Why he'd want to look like a girl?"

The locals weren't having it, and neither was Kelly Osbourne who reached out to Jacob via Skype offering her support and respect for the little man as well as Officer Derby and the rest of the Pittsfield PD.





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