Sometimes the short ones are the best.  This entire little ditty is only :30 long, but it didn't have to be any longer.  It says it all.  Great job from the kids at Taconic Hills Elementary as we try to spread the message that bullying is WRONG!  Hear their creation below.

(description below the song)

Taconic Hills  is over an hour away from our fine radio station in Columbia County.  Due to my schedule, time constraints, early hours and ever increasing age,  I usually try to stay within the greater Capital Region -but I would actually travel 3 hours for Mrs. Dunspaugh.  What a fantastic teacher with an equally fantastic attitude toward education.  I always feel right at home in her classes.

taconic hills dunspaugh bullying wrong song
photo by Richie Phillips

And her kids? They were ready to ROCK. Now mind you,  I was delayed  due to traffic and pouring rain, but these creative 3rd graders still delivered under pressure - creating and recording this song in 1/2 hour, and still had time to go to lunch!

I honestly hear this as a jingle that could be incorporated in an Anti Bullying ad campaign. Maybe someone will pick it up!   Here's their catchy tune. Listen to it again.

Bullying is Wrong Taconic Elementary lyrics
Richie Phillipss

If you'd like more information about how to stop bullying, here is a great resource from the Academy for Character Education at Sage Colleges

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