Leave it to Mrs. Yager from Schoharie Elementary to come through when I was looking for a class to create a anti-bullying song to kick off our Anti Bullying Week on the Sean, Richie and Bethany Show.   Much appreciated – and you should hear the result!


This awesome group of kids - fourth-graders – created a song parody in under an hour  to kickoff what's going to be a very special week on our show. We're starting an Anti-Bullying Awareness Week beginning October 3rd.   We want to help start the new school year off on the right foot.

I am partnering  once again with the Academy for Character Education at The Sage Colleges and also with the cities of Albany and Cohoes to kick off October's Bullying Awareness MONTH.  Albany County District Attorney David Soares' office has a special initiative they have put together The WORDS program. (Words can hurt or heal!)   You can read all about it here in an article from the Troy Record.

Here is the first song in a series that will air during this special week.  Pay close attention to the clever lyrics (this is a parody of country singer Sam Hunt's "HOUSE PARTY"

"Don’t be a Bully"

(Parody of Sam Hunt's "House Party")

We are the kids

From Schoharie School

We are fourth graders

And we’re really really cool!

We have a message

We want to share with you

It’s time to sing and you should listen too

Don’t wannna be a bully

You might hurt somebody

On the playground, sidewalk, or on the bus

If it happens to you

Here’s what you should do

Better find someone that you can trust

Don’t wanna be a bully

Don’t wanna hurt somebody

Don’t wanna be a bully

Start today

Don’t be a bully!

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