Police are warning residents in Rensselaer County about a black bear that several people witnessed getting a little cozy in backyards, and driveways, even making its way around an elementary school on Tuesday.

Black bear currently roams the village by the elementary school. Police are monitoring the situation.

Castleton-on-Hudson is a village located in the southwestern part of the town of Schodack in Rensselaer County, about 15 minutes south of Albany.

One eyewitness posted this message to a Facebook page dedicated to the residents of Castleton-on-Hudson about her encounter with what she believed was the same bear, on Monday evening.

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Many believe the meandering animal spotted on Monday, was the same bear seen making its way around Castleton Elementary School on Tuesday.

Check out this black bear spotted in the ADKS over the Summer - might be the biggest in our area I've ever seen!

Another woman posted this video below taken a few months ago - but in the same area, the black bear was spotted recently.  There's no word on whether or not it's the same bear but clearly, there's a theme here.


According to the NYS DEC, there are a series of Do's and Dont's if you encounter a bear.

Do: Use noise to scare bears away. The DEC suggested that you yell, clap, or bang pots immediately upon sighting a bear near your campsite.
They also urge you to stay calm and walk slowly.  But speak in a loud and calm voice, cautiously back away from the bear, and leave the area.
Don't: Approach, surround, or corner a bear!  The DEC notes that bears can be aggressive and will defend themselves when they feel threatened especially around cubs.
Also, DON'T run from a bear - they will chase you.  And they're faster.

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