There is a new #1 on our annual list of the Capital Region's favorite ice cream stands!

Every year right around this time we ask one of life's most important questions: where to get the absolute best ice cream in the Capital Region! Every year we get the old standbys like Martha's in Lake George, Guptill's, in Cohoes, and Snowman in Troy (Who have won this poll 3 times over the years!).

A New #1 For Capital Region Ice Cream

This year's fan-voted list once again had some of those old standbys, but also some new entries into the list - and a new favorite ice cream stand in the Capital Region. Plus, Johnstown is the ice cream capital of the area with 3 entries on this list! So whether you like soft-serve, hard ice cream, sundaes, or ice cream cake - these are the 10 greater Albany ice cream shops and stands, with a couple of honorable mentions, ya gotta check out this summer!

The Capital Region's Top 10 Fan Voted Ice Cream Stands For 2024

With warmer weather here in Upstate New York it's time to spend time outdoors eating all the ice cream we can fit in our bellies! With so many great spots in the Capital Region to enjoy a cold, sweet treat. where do you start? We put this one to vote to find the best local spots to enjoy that amazing mix of cream, sugar, and flavorings. If you love soft serve, hard ice cream, sundaes, or everything in between, these are the 10 ice cream shops & stands that Capital Region locals voted as the 10 best in the area for 2024.

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

See the Capital Region's 5 Biggest Ice Cream Cones [RANKED]

It is pretty much a fact that every stand has GREAT ice cream. But which stands serve up the biggest cones? Ya know, the ones where it is a race to eat 'em before they melt on a hot summer day? We asked our listeners who serves up the biggest scoops and soft serve - and there are the homes of the 5 biggest Captial Region Ice Cream cones!

Gallery Credit: Matty Jeff

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