Albany Police Officer Escorted Out of Albany Med

We're all very happy to see this and our thoughts are with our men and women in blue who put their lives on the line for our safety every time that they put that uniform on.

Jonathan Damphier, the Albany Police Officer who was ambushed and shot in his leg during a traffic stop last week, was given a police escort home by first responders and  his brothers and sisters in blue on Wednesday afternoon after he was released from Albany Medical Center.

There were plenty of cheers - and most likely a few tears - while Jonathan Damphier was released from Albany Medical Center on Wednesday afternoon.  His release comes just a week after his leg was shattered by a raving gunman near the College of Saint Rose on the corner of N. Main and Western Ave in Albany.

Ambushed by Gunman

Last Tuesday evening, Damphier noticed a speeding car and approached the driver but then called off the chase due to safety concerns. He then spotted the same car near North Main and Western in the early hours of Wednesday morning, but the vehicle was stopped with the driver's door open.

As Damphier approached the car, the driver pulled out a gun and he was shot in the leg, immediately returning fire. The shooter ultimately took his own life, according to Albany Police.

According to the Albany Police Department, the young officer, who's only been on the force for 3 years, was released from the hospital at around 3 pm Wednesday.  Cheered by a crowd of friends, family, and dozens of his brothers and sisters from the Albany Police Department, Damphier received a police escort down New Scotland Avenue.

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One week after getting ambushed by a gunman and shot in his leg, Albany Police Officer Jonathan Damphier was released from the hospital. Photo: Albany Police Facebook

Long Road to Recovery

During last week's shootout, Damphier's femur was shattered and he had to get multiple blood transfusions, and more than likely has months of physical therapy as he looks to recover.  We wish him and his family well during his road to recovery.

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