It's only been a little over a week and my heart still hurts for those victims and their families like the moment I found out about it. There have been a ton of ways people have been raising money and the next one scheduled, will be in Schenectady.

I've been seeing a bunch of GoFundMe pages and events throughout the Capital Region hoping to raise as much money possible for the poor families of these unfortunate victims of the Schoharie crash (Chrissy previously mentioned a hub designed to make sure you know what you may be donating to).

The next event you can be a part of will be at Mohawk Harbor on Sunday, October 28th from 12:00PM-4:00PM, according to CBS 6. The benefit concert will feature local artists Skeeter Creek, Grand Central Station, as well as Union College's three a cappella groups: the Eliphalets, the Dutch Pipers and the Garnet Minstrels.

Druthers Brewing Co. in Schenectady has also announced that they will donate all proceeds from the beer sales as well as 50% of all customer checks served in the restaurant.

You can buy tickets for the benefit concert through their website, for $10 each.

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