Glens Falls Theater Hopes to Raise $100,000 to Save it
There is no doubt that the arts have been financially hurt by the coronavirus pandemic. Many theaters have been closed for nearly a full year. Now they are trying to get creative to save their venues and the arts in their cities. Glens Falls has come up with a unique way to save their beloved theate…
Salvation Army Desperately Needs Your Help
'Tis the season that you are used to hearing the Salvation Army bell ringers and making donations. But this year, like many other fundraisers, are different. The Salvation Army is hoping that you will help in either a small or big way. Here's how.
Bills Mafia Responds Big to QB's Family Loss
My household is filled with Buffalo Bills fans and they love their team. We all watched the game last Sunday, and quarterback Josh Allen played well and got the win for his team. But no one had any idea what he was dealing with. In true Bills Mafia fashion, they made a beautiful gesture in honor of …

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