We have all gotten loud at our kids' games. Some are louder than others and I will admit that I am of the louder type. But as we embarked on "Chooch Week" where we highlight other parents as loud as me, we discovered that Brian can also be a chooch at times. At my son Ryan's games, I mic myself up and bring the audio to playback on the show. It highlights how loud and obnoxious I am when I am cheering him on. To coincide with "Shark Week", we decided to do something we called "Chooch Week".

During "Chooch Week" we asked listeners to send in their audio of them getting super excited at various events. We had a mom submit her exuberance at her daughter's cheerleading competition and another woman cheering so loudly and actually screaming at a concert. But the highlight was when Brian came to watch my son play baseball.

He didn't know that I was recording during Ryan's baseball game and when I went back to listen, I found a few "chooch gems" that Brian said. Take a listen to Brian as we showcased his obnoxious cheering for "Chooch Week".

There is still time to submit your screams, cheers, constructive yelling, or whatever else you do at your kids' games or concerts. We will wrap up "Chooch Week" on Friday. Just click on the WGNA app on your phone and send them directly to us. Don't have the app? Download it for free now.

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