Asking someone if they are having computer difficulties is like asking them if they inhale oxygen every day - it's kind of a no brainer.  It's the nature of the beast.  Our Tech Talk sponsor, Computer Renaissance of Latham is here for you and basically "on call" on the Sean and Richie Show

We've had many questions answered so far, but I'm sure that there are many more to go.

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I recently had a very slow laptop that was lacking in memory.  They fixed it right up for me. No need to throw it away, says Aaron the Apple doc.  

If you have a problem, state your case below and I will get you an answer that will be posted on our Tech Talk segment this Wednesday.  Try to make the questions "reader friendly".  Don't get too geeky on us here.  My eyes tend to glaze over with questions like that.

Should you leave your computer on at nite?

Should you defrag?

How do you backup files to the cloud?

Those kind of questions are totally fair game.  (But don't ask ME to answer them!  - I just play a geek on radio)

  • Computer Renaissance IS your one-stop technology shop.  Visit them online at comp ren ny dot com… comp ren ny dot com or call 220-4445… that’s 220-4445.


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