Is your pasword strong? Is it easily hackable!  Most are, believe it or not.  We'll count down the stupid ones.  I also have a very dumb app that is extremely popular (go figure) and some very intelligent questions for our computer gurus at Computer Renaissance.  Let's do  it, shall we? 

Do any of these passwords look familiar?


the word "password" (and you thought you were being clever!)




Welcome(oh, the irony)


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According to

According to YahooNews,  a company called Splash Data accumulated millions of stolen logins and compiled a list of the most common, and you just read them

Their suggestion?

You should make passwords at least  8 characters, different kinds of characters, and don't use the same password for multiple sites.  There are more suggestions in the article.

Now onto the Dumb App of the Week.  It's called "Cupcakes" .  What do you do? You make cupcakes, dummy!  Then you virtually eat them.  Shows you how much I know.  It's the 6th most popular app in the iTunes store.  I guess I'm the dumb one

Screen Shot Cupcakes
from itunes website


But now onto something a bit more intelligent - the Computer Renaissance of Latham Question Of The Week.  You ask the question, they give the answer.   Actually, we have two.

Two Questions this week:  

I want to add some memory to my Toshiba satellite laptop, is there any particular brand or memory card you would recommend? And is it true this could save battery life?  Kevin in Altamont

What is the best laptop or desktop?  Shelly in Cohoes

  1. Our friends at Computer Renaissance say the brand “Crucial” is the best when it comes to adding memory because it is stable and RARELY fails and they also offer a lifetime warrantee as long as there is no physical damage to it when you send it back.  No- it doesn’t increase battery life.
  1. Darren from Computer Renaissance recommends Dell when it comes to a new computer.  They are good quality machines that are easy to set up and use.  They have a great warrantee program and their tech support is fantastic.

2. If you’re looking to add memory to your existing computer or are looking for a new computer or laptop get over to Computer Renaissance in Newton Plaza in Latham and our friends over there will help you select the perfect computer and accessories!

 If you have a question for them, please leave your comment at the bottom.  We'll get you in on the next session.  And thanks to Computer Renaissance in the Newton Plaza in Latham.  Give them a call at 220-4445 !






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