Wow! This is amazing. You know I have always appreciated the work that our law enforcement officers do. I know quite a few very good people who do that work for all the right reasons. It is a job like no other in that you really never know what sort of emergency or dangerous situation is right around the corner.

Even for Officer Morales who has only been on the Richmond, TX police force for 10 months. Last Sunday night he received a call that a woman was sitting on the train tracks, he arrived literally in a nick of time. The patrol car's camera shows him arriving as the train is approaching and he risked his own life to pull this woman to safety and hold her there until the train past.

I have to say it is that sort of quick action without concern for his own welfare that will make Officer R. Morales a good cop for a great many years to come. The woman was OK and taken to a nearby hospital for evaluation.

Here is that video. I should tell you the audio does not kick in until about 10 seconds so don't think it's too low and have it too loud when it does start.