Police Investigate Suicide at Thacher Park
Police are asking for help as they are currently investigating a death at Thacher Park that has been ruled a suicide.   A body was found on Thursday morning and while there are still many unanswered questions, there is some new information surrounding this unfortunate situation.
Police: Suicide Game Targeting Teens Through Social Media
A disturbing new video 'game' that kids are playing has police concerned and authorities want parents to be on the lookout and as many people as possible to know of its dangers. In this 'game' participants are often asked to kill themselves or post images and videos showing themselves committing suicide.
Crossgates Suicide Reported
An Investigation is currently being done by New York State Police regarding what is being reported as an apparent suicide that took place at Crossgates Mall.
Have You Seen This Soldier Walking In Troy? – Here Is Why He Is Doing It
We got a message the other day from a listener named Stacy Kieper, who wanted to share the story of a soldier who has been walking the streets of Troy carrying a "Fallen soldier" in his arms. The soldier he is carrying is a skeleton do I imagine one might think it has something to do with Halloween but nothing could be further from the truth.
The Local Parents Of A 12 Year Old Bullying Victim Are Suing The School – My Thoughts On The Subject
If you went to work today and someone berated you with racial epitaphs or homophobic slurs you could go to Human Resources and have them fired and probably have a solid lawsuit on your hands. If you went to a supermarket and some random thug grabbed you and put you in the freezer next to the ice cream because they thought it was funny, you could  have them arrested and charged with assault... Read
What’s With The Semicolon Tattoos?
I happened to see a few of these very small semicolon tattoos on people recently, and couldn't figure out what the heck I was looking at.  So, like everyone else in America who feels clueless about something, I did the Google thing

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