A disturbing new video 'game' that kids are playing has police concerned and authorities want parents to be on the lookout and as many people as possible to know of its dangers. In this 'game' participants are often asked to kill themselves or post images and videos showing themselves committing suicide.

This disturbing suicide "game" spreading through WhatsApp, Facebook and YouTube called "Momo" features a grotesque main character, or "avatar," taken from the work of Japanese artist Midori Hayashi, who is not associated with the game in any way.

According to News 10 ABC, would be "players" are encouraged to add to their contacts one of several numbers associated with the game. The game "controller" then sends violent images to the person over the messaging app, claims to know personal things about the "player," and threatens the player if they don't follow "orders."

Some of the heinous and potentially deadly orders include suicide or posting the videos of their death.




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