Police are asking for help as they are currently investigating a death at Thacher Park that has been ruled a suicide.   A body was found on Thursday morning and while there are still many unanswered questions, there is some new information surrounding this unfortunate situation.

According to WRGB CBS 6, Thursday morning at around 730 am, a 911 call was placed by employees at Thacher Park.  According to the report, someone at the park discovered and reported something "suspicious" in one of the bathrooms near a picnic area.

The 911 call prompted a search by  Albany County Sheriff's who came to the park and ultimately discovered and body at the bottom of the edge of an embankment.

News Channel 13 is reporting that the death has been ruled a suicide and police have released some information about the man they say they found.

According to their report, the deceased man is believed to be either in his late teens or early to mid-twenties and is described as an Asian male, approximately 180 pounds.  News Channel 13 also is reporting that he was "clean shaven and had no tattoos or piercings."

According to the report, he was wearing blue gym shorts, a tee shirt, and white Nike Air sneakers.  The young man's name has yet to be released.

Police are asking for the public's help in attempt to find out more information surrounding this unfortunate situation and if you have any info, please call the Albany County Sheriff’s Office at (518) 765-2352.

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