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Pets That Hate Trump [VIDEO]
Pets sometimes have some weird behaviors.
Some even say animals have the best instincts on people. I mean, my dog is definitely the exception to that. She'd lick a murderers face and chase her tail for him, too.
Parents: This Video Is the Only Advice You Need [VIDEO]
Now, I don't have children but I'm definitely at the age where all of my friends (a lot of them, any way) have 'em. I've witnessed what they deal with, how easy it may seem at times and then how incredibly difficult and birth control worthy it can be others.
Father Lunges at Daughters Murderer [VIDEO]
It has to be one of the worst feelings in the world. It probably feels like your world is ending, crumbling. Someone has taken the life of your child. Your baby, no matter their age, taken unnaturally by the hands of another person. Now it's their day in court and your day to face them.

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