When you walk into most school bathrooms you find the usual necessities, a stall, sink, mirror, paper towels. One local school district has added a little something special to its middle school bathrooms, inspirational quotes. Shen middles schools have added inspiring quotes to the school's bathroom walls as a reminder of the little things in life that can change anyone's mood or day. There are inspirational quotes about kindness, humility, and self-esteem, like, 'do the right thing, even when no one is looking'.
Middle school students say they like the new added touches to the school's bathrooms as it reminds them of how they should feel about themselves and how to make others feel. Gowana Middle School Principal Robin Gawrys had staff members help with the inspirational quotes with the emphasis of kindness and respect for oneself and others. Principal Gawrys is hoping that little reinforcement will make a difference, "with academic pressures and peer pressures, sometimes kids just need a break or an inspirational quote".
As of right now, the inspirational quotes are only in the student bathrooms with talk of those quotes possibly on the walls of the facility restrooms. And they should, adults need inspiration every once in a while.

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