RadioShack supposedly is in deep doo doo. An update to a past blog (because I care).

I originally reported that according to  CNN, time is running out on one of my favorite retail stores.  It looks like, according to The , they have filed Chapter 11.  I still want to save it.  In fact,  I wrote a song about it.

The latest update to this story tells us that Radio Shack is so flat broke, they don't even have enough money to close their stores.  Apparently even THAT is too expensive for them to handle.

At one time they had major bragging rights.  The article states:

Once upon a time RadioShack (RSH) bragged about its network of stores, saying that 90% of the U.S. population lives or works within a few minutes of a RadioShack location.


Sorry, but I don't want to go online to order an audio cable or a connector or something like that.  I wish there was an investor to help them, damn it!  Maybe we could set up a "go fund me" page!

How can this HAPPEN?  Obviously, I've got questions.  Do you have answers?  (sorry - I had to do it) 


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