Fires are terrible no matter what kind of business they affect but to hear that a local organization that helps soldiers was damaged by one breaks my heart even more.

Operation Adopt a Soldier is a local organization who works "to provide support to U.S. Soldiers stationed worldwide through the generous assistance of volunteers from the Saratoga, Albany, Queensbury, and Clifton Park, NY areas," according to their website.

They create care packages accepting for a large number of items that soldiers may need in their everyday life but may not have direct access to. They recently were working on 200+ care packages when, sadly, a fire broke out.

News10 is reporting that the fire started in the building's utility room and was declared a total loss. The building as well as the care packages and other items were destroyed. Firefighters were able to save to American flags that "encompassed signatures of military personnel." They are still trying to find a way to continue to help our military and have set up a GoFundMe. Updates on the fire and the organization will be posted on their Facebook page.

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